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Beyond Tax Advisory®

The brand SKATT originates from the Swedish word for tax. In 2012 it was incorporated as Skatt Global, an international network with initial presence in Mexico, Uruguay and the United States. With representatives and strategic partners in several countries in Latin America, Skatt consists of 12 partners and 50 professionals from prestigious international firms.


The experience in Big 4 firms made the founding members understand that there were very specific needs in tax issues that were not being satisfied with quality and efficiency. So they came together to create a unique philosophy that would allow them a different way of working.


SKATT created the Beyond Tax Advisory® philosophy, with the aim of boosting customer satisfaction through systematic updates on tax and comprehensive support. Every member of Skatt has the willing to go the extra mile engraved into their DNA; a spirit to engage in efforts that go beyond the initial assignment, going one step further than expected, adding value to client business idea, and doing an outstanding work.

Beyond Tax Advisory®

Is that little great difference that means excellence in our service.


SKATT is defined largely by the formative essence of their partners and staff that shall consist of:

Experience. It is clear that tax professional services require technical skills, but its practical application to specific situations and circumstances prevailing at the time is of uttermost importance. Both considerations are built over time and over management issues faced continuously. Skatt members have extensive experience in assorted tax subjects in which they have worked for the past years, throughout mixed economic sectors.

Specialization. Currently, the complexity of business tax advisory requires full time engagement from all the involved parts, as well as clearly defined specialized practices. Skatt partners and their teams are well aware of how relevant specialization is as a pillar of quality, and have developed their talents in such environment, therefore, they are considered by their customers as highly specialized.

Value. Added value concerns customers the most, they appreciate contributions that encourage goal achievement. The focus of the firm is based on the trust provided to our customers regarding the matters we are entrusted. The trust we gain is the result of value added to the activities and goals of our clients.

Awards and Honours

We want to thank all our clients for the trust in our Firm and to all our people that made possible the high quality service allowing us to be recognized nationally and internationally.

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ITR World Tax. Skatt was awarded for the second year in a row, as one of the best tax firms in America. The annual World Tax guide is a key resource in assisting tax professionals locate specialist advice. Each edition rates the tax expertise offered in various jurisdictions, giving tax executives the most comprehensive information about the market for tax advice. Read more.










Leaders League. Skatt was rated as an Excellent firm in the ranking of the best companies in the world for the second time. Leaders League is a media and rating agency for top executives at the international level, it brings strategic information for senior business leaders. Read more.

Collaboration agreement with Andersen Global

With the aim of offering high specialty services as we have always done, in may 2020 we signed a collaboration agreement with Andersen Global,  an international association of independent firms, legally separated, integrated by professionals in the tax and legal services throughout the world. Established in 2013 by the US firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global has more than 5,000 professionals worldwide and has offices in 172 cities through its member and collaboration firms.  

Our goal is to be one of the best Mexican firms with an international presence. By collaborating with Andersen Global, we will be able to offer our Mexican and foreign clients a variety of the highest quality tax and legal resources.


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