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Today was published in the Federal Official Gazette, the "Agreement that modifies the Rules of General Character for the receipt of information of Tax Declarations and the collection of federal resources by the Credit Institutions", through the which added 154 days to the entry in force of Electronic Payment of Foreign Trade (PECE), for which the CENTRALIZED CUSTOMS ELECTRONIC PAYMENT (PECA) will be maintained until September 11, 2019.

Also, today and in the SAT Portal, the Fifth Resolution of Modifications to the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2018 was added as an anticipated version, where the following are noted as important points:

  • The entry into force of Article 81 of the Customs Law Regulation is extended for July 1, 2019.

  • Two more reasons for the suspension of the Importers Registry are added in Rule 1.3.3. of the Rules of Foreign Trade Generals:

  1. IMMEX companies that import sensitive merchandise and do not comply partially or fully with their obligation to relate invoices in consolidated operations.

  2. The importer who does not withdraw goods that have been destined to the fiscal deposit within 24 months.

  • In the case of guarantees for the payment of contributions for the temporary importation of sensitive goods, the Ministry of Economy will publish the guidelines for the issuance and delivery of the electronic surety policies.

Due from the foregoing, it is important to specify that the extension to the entry into force of the new system of payment in foreign trade, should be seen as a last opportunity for companies to implement internally an efficient payment system in which the customs broker and the importer is very well coordinated before importing the goods into the country.

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