New Electronic Payment for Foreign Trade - Technical Guide

New Electronic Payment for Foreign Trade

Dearest costumers and friends,

We inform you that since May 15, 2019, the Tax Administration Service published on its website the Bulletin number P022, with which it publishes the Technical Guide of the Referenced Deposit relating to Electronic Payment of Foreign Trade. This guide is available at the following address:

In this regard, we give them the aspects that we consider relevant to this new mechanism so that they take them into account:

  • It enters into force on September 11, 2019.

  • It was born with the purpose of standardizing the Federal Income collection process of the SAT.

  • Extension of Banking Coverage to 23 Banks and the possibility of using other payment channels such as Banking Cards, Mobile Banking and Internet Web Service.

  • The capture line is constituted by a line indicator (1 character), number of request (7 characters), general capture line (20 characters) and the amount of payment (free).

  • A payment confirmation response file is generated automatically.

  • Being a capture line due to import or export, there will be an important administrative burden for foreign trade operators that carry out multiple operations per day.

Derived from the above, it is important to state that although we are four months after its entry into force, enterprises must take into account the procedures for the purposes of implementing internal implementations involving the customs broker, banking institutions and importers and exporters, in order to achieve good coordination at the time of its validity.

* * *

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