Electronic Payment of Foreign Trade

Dear customers and friends,

We remind you that as of September 11, 2019, the Electronic Payment of Foreign Trade (PECE) will replace the Customs Centralized Electronic Payment (PECA) permanently.

Likewise, the details of the Electronic Payment of Foreign Trade to be considered are repeated and which are the following:

  • Born with the purpose of homologating the process of collecting Federal Revenue from the SAT.

  • Extension of Bank Coverage to 23 Banks and the possibility of using other payment channels such as Bank Cards, Mobile Banking and Internet Web Service.

  • The capture line consists of a line indicator (1 character), request number (7 characters), general capture line (20 characters) and the amount to pay (free).

  • A payment confirmation response file is automatically generated.

  • Being a capture line by import or export request, an important administrative burden will arise for foreign trade operators who perform multiple operations per day.

Due to the above, it is important to emphasize that the entry into force of the new payment system in foreign trade must be seen as a last chance for companies to internally implement an efficient payment system in which the customs agent and the importer are very well coordinated prior to importation of merchandise into the country..

* * *

As always, the Partners and Associates remain at your service for any questions or comments on the content of this newsletter.


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