General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2019.

General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2019

Dear customers and friends,

Today, June 24, 2019, the Tax Administration Service published in the Federal Official Gazette, the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2019 and that come to replace those published in the Sixth Resolution of Modifications of the General Rules in question, which consist of around 500 rules, as well as 31 annexes.

Among the most relevant aspects, we quickly inform you of the topics that we consider important, but without first specifying that we will continue with the analysis of the publication to let you know the full analysis of the publication:

  • Increase the period from 40 to 60 days for the authority issuing a resolution or requirement to an application for registration in the Certification Scheme in the VAT and IEPS CERTIFICATION RANGE, as well as AUTHORIZED ECONOMIC OPERATOR in the Trade and Importer category.

  • New rules are issued related to the transmission of the Manifestation of Value, through Single Window.

  • The spreadsheet contained in rule 1.5.1 is deleted.

  • The numbering of the annexes to the rules is modified.

  • New grounds for suspension of the Importers Registry are established, consisting of being placed on the final list issued by the SAT in terms of article 69-B of the CFF.

  • New rules are created related to the figure of the Customs Agency.

  • A new date is established for the entry into force of Article 81 of the regulations of the Customs Law, being the 1st. December 2019.

A detailed analysis of these changes will be carried out, in order to make known with precision the modifications suffered by the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2018 and that were reflected in the current ones.

* * *

As always, the Partners and Associates remain at your service for any questions or comments about the publication of the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2019.

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